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Welcome to Outtahair Sphynx

Luna and Minnie about to discuss who should have the window seat

If you are reading this we can only assume one of two things – either you are curious about these unusual looking felines and want to know more or you have already fallen in love with a Sphynx and want one of your own.

The comment we hear most often when someone sees a Sphynx for the first time is "Oh My Goodness that is the funniest looking thing I've ever seen" OR "your cat is inside out".

You can see their bumps and bones and every pimple and blemish.

Their ears are enormous and their eyes are huge - their faces look like something out of a special effects department and they have wrinkles, potbellies and of course are bald. Well actually they are not really bald – although some are sticky bald, commonly their bodies are covered with a soft peach like fuzz, which feels a bit like a horses muzzle. After half an hour in the company of a Sphynx most people are besotted – there is something about a Sphynx that seems to bring out the desire in us to protect them.

They are curious and funny, extremely good company – social, intelligent and entertaining.

When you are home they are on your knee, down your top or on your shoulder like a parrot. They are not loud but can be talkative and commonly make little chirping sounds.

Our Sphynx girls have the run of the house and sleep in our bed - they are our companions and are not caged. Their kittens are raised around people, other Sphynx, and our dog Molly therefore are well socialized, house trained and loved.

We will not jeopardize our girls health and wellbeing by constantly pumping out kittens therefore we only have a couple of litters a year available for sale to the best homes available.

Julie and Greg Stanaway