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Caring for Sphynx


Sphynx are indoor cats therefore if you want to adopt one you will need to ensure you can adapt your lifestyle to ensure they are kept indoors. An indoor cat means litter trays or a litter robot and windows that are only opened a couple of inches or have screens. A fully equipped safe room that you can pop your Sphynx in when you have guests coming in and out is also a good idea.


As the Sphynx is hairless it is unable to disperse the natural oil from its skin therefore it needs regular bathing. When you adopt a Sphynx kitten from OUTTAHAIR your kitten will be used to a bath as part of its weekly routine. Every Sphynx is unique and some require more frequent bathing than others however, it is important to maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

Ear Cleaning

As with their body Sphynx have no hair in the ear canals therefore regular cleaning with cotton buds ensures the wax does not build up. Without regular cleaning the brown wax collects, looks unsightly and can rub off on your clothing and furniture and causes your Sphynx discomfort.

Nail Clipping

Along with bathing and cleaning ears you will need to clip your Sphynx claws regularly. When you adopt a kitten from OUTTAHAIR it will be used to this routine and comes with nail trimming instructions.

Caring for Sphynx - They love it when they are pampered


All cats like warm places and this is not only true of a Sphynx but important for their health. Either a warm home or a bed with pet heat pad is essential for your Sphynx in cold weather. The rule seems to be if you could run around naked comfortably then its warm enough for your Sphynx to go without heating.


Sphynx are social and will not like being left alone for long periods of time - if you don't have other friendly animals it can interact with while you are not around you might need to consider buying two Sphynx.